Come Celebrate Easter Sticker Storybook Review


Easter in July?  This time, it's not my fault!  I requested this book for review early in Lent, but due to a backlog of requests (I assume) it didn't arrive until just last week.  Actually, it took so long for the book to arrive that my BookLook Blogger account was suspended due to inactivity when I went to log in and I had to wait for "permission" to post again.  

I will pretend that this did not irritate me.  

Good thing my kids, at least, don't mind a little off-season reviewing!

Come Celebrate Easter Sticker & Activity Book is a sticker and activity book from the folks at Beginner's Bible.  All of the illustrations are in the same style as the classic Beginner's Bible.  Through the years we have had a variety of these Bibles, story books, and other resources and we always enjoy them.  

The sticker book specifically reminds me a lot of the Highlights Puzzle Magazines.  There are a mix of activities including coloring, sticker puzzle pieces, complete the picture, mazes and more.   There are a couple of more academic learning (numbers, colors, etc) mixed in throughout as well.  The content liturgically covers from an introductory "Jesus is the Son of God" page through Holy Week and all the way to the Ascension.

This is a great independent activity for a reader and a quasi-independent activity for a non reader.  My only slight criticism of this book is that some pages have stickers for the black and white sections and some are meant to be colored, which can be confusing for a child who can't read the directions.

In the future, this would be a great product to consider for your child's Easter basket!  I will even try to remember to share this review again when the time comes.

In exchange for an honest review, I was provided with a free copy of this book through the BookLook Bloggers program.

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