2015-2016 Curriculum

Working on "My preschool time rug"
In celebration of back to homeschool week here on the blog, this week we've covered our new planners for this year and our goals for each of our students.  Today we are going to talk nitty-gritty overview of curriculum.  Probably the biggest difference this year is that we are NOT doing a group history rotation.  I am also skipping reading comprehension for now, but I might add some in the spring.  Everyone will be participating in both a weekly science co-op with another family, Future Problem Solving, and our weekly gym co-op with a lot of other families!  I guess we will be busy.

Lucie, Age 3
Montessori Preschool/Children's House

I will be giving Lucie small lessons, mostly on practical life and sensorial activities to begin the year.  She hasn't really expressed much interest in going beyond that, although I'm guessing by spring she may be ready for more.  The best thing is that I've been so diligent about documenting everyone's path through the early years I can always peak back at my own blog for curriculum ideas and progress (and I know the Children's House album fairly front to back at this point).

Counting 10s with our Montessori golden beads and the MUS Primer Extra Activities Worksheets.
Logan, Age 5
Kindergarten/Montessori Children's House

Logan will be continuing with the Montessori sequence for reading and writing, using a combination of materials and Words Their Way work.  My only real academic goal ever for the Kindergarten year is to have a solid start on reading.  They have all ended the year in such different places and I honestly don't have a good guess for Logan.  For math he will continue using Math U See as I have modified it to be a guide through our Montessori materials (see this post).  Logan will also participate in our biomes of North America study done co-op style with another family (see Monday's blog for more info).  He will continue to work on prayers and bible stories for religion, with liturgical feasts and seasons thrown in with everyone else.  He will continue in taekwondo. 

Kylee, Age 7
2nd Grade

Kylee will be using Math U See Beta this year.   She is also doing Spelling U See B: Jack and Jill and  Institute for Excellence in Writing thematic writing: Bible Heroes.  Since she is preparing for her sacraments, she will be doing a more in depth study of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.    She wants to learn to type correctly and is using the Typer Island computer program for that (it's called something else, but that's what my kids always call it).  Kylee will also be taking piano lessons and plans to switch from gymnastics to Irish Dance this fall to see what she thinks of it.  She will continue in taekwondo.

Caleb, Age 9
4th Grade

Caleb is using Math U See Gamma (and probably Delta by early-mid spring).  He is also doing Spelling U See D: Americana and Institute for Excellence in Writing thematic writing: Fairy Tales & Fables.  To cover his religion work for the fall, he set himself a goal of reading the entire Old Testament before Christmas. He is also taking piano lessons, and continuing in gymnastics and taekwondo.

Presenting to each other using their keyword outlines from IEW.

Aidan, Age 12
7th Grade 

Aidan is finishing MUS Zeta and then moving into Pre Algebra around Christmas.  He will be doing the same spelling and writing that Caleb is doing.  He and I are still working on a religion plan.  I'm considering the Theology of the Body for Middle Schoolers online program available from My Catholic Faith Delivered.  He will continue with the trumpet, gymnastics, and taekwondo.

Both Older Boys

Using our subject planner pages, the boys will be directing their own work in history and geography this fall.  They have a place to record topics of study and resources they would like to use.  I told them they could use the sheets to organize a plan or to simply record what they have done.  At the end of each topic, they have to create a final project to demonstrate what they learned in their research (this is essentially a research exercise).  They do not have to work on both subjects all the time, but they do have to have covered something from both categories before the end of our semester in December.  So far Aidan has been researching rabbit care and feeding extensively.  I'm not entirely sure where he is incorporating that into the other subjects, but I trust he will come up with something.  Caleb has been collecting current events articles from the paper regarding the recent explosion in China and plans to put together a current events map/poster of China for geography.  He also says would like to learn about the history of computers.

I've probably missed something, but please don't tell me if I have!   This is all a little overwhelming and that's one of the main reasons that I have the boys starting to focus on a little more self direction as much as possible.  Depending on how this works will probably influence what choices I start to think about as we are getting closer to high school.  Almost every larger family I know has chosen an accredited program for high school and I'm seeing why.  I have limits and I can't teach every subject to this many without some outside support.

I scored a serious scheduling win when I managed to get all music lessons, gymnastics, and Irish dance on the same night of the week which will cut way down on the total number of days we are running around.  (Although it will be an intense couple of hours of me shuttling people around town which will be hard on the younger two the weeks Daddy can't be home from work in time.)  Taekwondo is only one night/week too so I don't think it will be as overwhelming as it sounds.

I think I'll blink at it will be Christmas break and baby time!  We are taking most of December and all of January off this year (Daddy too!) just to enjoy this new little man that God has blessed us with.


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