2015-2016 Homeschool Goals

Every year I set a primary goal for each of our little school's students.  Sometimes I set life goals that go along with our completion of school, such as character building, scheduling, or other matters.

This year I have to admit that my first goal is pretty simple: I want to finish this year.  

I will tell anyone who asks me that I don't think finishing a set amount of curriculum is all that important.   That being said, when I look back at last year I simultaneously know that we did the best that we could and that our best wasn't really good enough.  

Even for my relatively low standards when it comes to finishing things.

When I say finish I don't mean finish x number of pages in y curriculum.  Honestly, I would be happy if we finished say 85% of what we started out to achieve.  For me that is actually pretty easy as mostly I just set out to achieve is time based.  As in, we have to actually sit down and DO IT.  If we sit down and do schoolwork 85% of days that we intend to do schoolwork (and I usually aim for 30 weeks give or take) then I will feel comfortable with the arrangement.  I figure if we are putting in the time we will pick up the content/skills even if it isn't at the preferred pace/timing.

I'm laid back and liberated that way.

Most of the time.

So moving on to kid-specific goals.

Age 3 (on Monday), PreK/Children's House/whatever you want to call her


Lucie's goal area for this year is to learn that Lucie is not in charge.   So I'm all about independent kids (I have 4 others) but this one is a little two independent for her own good.  No Lucie, you may not walk down the sidewalk with your backpack to go to the library with brother.  Yes Lucie, you do need to wear clothing, especially when we leave the house.  You know...important things like that.  Yes, I realize this is a totally developmentally appropriate quality in a two/three year old.  Some kids will outgrow it on their own, others are never told they need to (image a government run by people who always think they are right and what is best for them is best for everyone, even if its not.....oh wait.....), others are a little more persistent.

Lucie is one of those.

(Those of you who know Lucie have probably been laughing since you read the goal in the first place, you can stop now.)

Age 5, Kindergarten/Children's House


Logan's goal are for this year is to work through this fine motor skills business that we are still working on.  I'm going to have to keep a very close eye on him as he slips back on the things we already covered.  If we achieve this, I'm sure he will also learn to read this year.  He may anyways, but I'm not going to work on that too much until we work through the other problem.  Fine motor skills first.

Age 7, 2nd Grade


My goal area for Kylee this year is confidence.  She gets frustrated really quickly even though she is quite a capable little girl.  Lots of tears when things aren't immediately easy.  

Age 9, 4th Grade


My goal area for Caleb this year is self-direction.   On one hand, he would be happy if no one ever told him what to do ever.  On the other hand, he does NOT like choices in work.  Many of our moves away from strictly Montessori structured work periods were driven by Caleb needing a specific list of what he needed to do each day.  I know this is an autism thing, but I think (hope) with some work we can figure out something that works for him.  Because he's totally brilliant and I don't want to be the one who decides how and where he uses it.  

Age 12 (also next week), 7th Grade 


With Aidan this year I want him to find something he is passionate about.  I know this kind of sounds silly, but he really doesn't have any hobbies that he just loves AND is willing to work for when it's hard.  Everything is kind of fleeting and somewhat disposable when something better comes along.  Except talking...he does happen to be very proficient at talking.

He will actually be working on setting some of his own goals (like Caleb) and then coming up with a plan to meet them.  I'm encouraging this in hobbies, skills, individual interests as much or more than I am with school related subjects.  Our theme is productively using his time.  I'm starting by encouraging him do some of the photography for our blog (not that I'm super proficient in it anyways).  That's how I ended up with such awesome shots of the younger four kids after our trip to visit my grandpa last weekend.

Do you set specific goals (or broad goal areas like mine) for your students (or yourself) each year?  What are some of your goals this year?

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Anonymous said...

Great goals.
Mine will be to teach my 6th grader how to take notes and be a little more self-reliant (and not just in remembering codes for Minecraft). Sigh.