Family Chopped Challenge

My kids are slightly obsessed with the Food Network.  Anything Food Network is the first thing that shows up when we are at a hotel or when we are visiting my parents, who have Netflix.

We are visiting my parents this week and Aidan (11) got it into his head that we should have a Chopped Challenge.   Without ever having seen the show, he talked my mom into it and here are our results.

First of all we had to make new rules.  My mom definitely did not need 4 kids actually cooking in her kitchen, so we came up with the "Dip Challenge".

Listening carefully!

We had four sections on her buffet table and they had to pick at least one ingredient from each section:  dippables (crackers, etc), bases (sour cream, cream cheese, etc), spices, fun ingredients.  This gave Logan (5) a little bit of a recipe to at least kind of follow.


We gave them 15 minutes total, but they had a staggered start.  Giving each child 30 seconds with the ingredients before the next one started.

Hard to pick spices when you can't read, but he knew he wanted those colorful sprinkles in the back!
More sprinkles!

They gathered their ingredients and bowls, utensils, plates and went to individual work stations outside.





Not a lot of pictures of Aidan, he took things very seriously running back and forth for new ingredients.

Lucie wandered around sampling ingredients.



They presented their creations for our sampling pleasure.

She called this "Green Ocean Island"
Graham Crackers, Vanilla Wafers, Cream Cheese, Green Sprinkles, Black Pepper

Logan REALLY liked Aidan's Horseradish creation which had more ingredients than I can name, but actually was the the only fully edible one of the bunch.
Then our judges (Lucie, my mom, and I) awarded an overall winner, best taste, best presentation, and most creativity.



My mom made Aidan promise before she agreed to this that he wouldn't make her do this every time we visit, but I have to admit that it was kind of fun and they didn't mind eating their odd creations.

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Angie said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! So much fun! We would totally do something of this sort. My mom contrived a Survivor variation for the kids last summer.