Let's Not Be Still

On Saturday, September 26th, our family will be participating in the Let's Not Be Still Walk/Run 5K/10K in Eden Prairie, MN to raise awareness for pregnancy and infant loss.

One of the neat things about this event is that it allows those who are far away from us geographically to get involved either by doing the Virtual Run or by making a donation to our fundraising team. Seeing as I will be roughly 27 weeks pregnant at the time, I will only be doing the one mile walk (hopefully with a few friends!) but various members of our family will be participating in other events as well.

Event Page

Event Facebook Page

Our Fundraising Page  Join our team or make a donation in honor of our girls!

Both girls names will be included on the shirt so if you sign up for our team for the run (if you join us virtually they will actually mail you a shirt!) you will get a tshirt with all the names of babies being honored, which is kind of totally neat!  We are hoping to raise $1000 which sounds like a lot, but I know it's not when I consider all of the generous family and friends we have in our corner.  More than meeting our monetary goal even, I would love to see a big group remembering the girls with us on the day of.

Early Bird Registration runs through the end of August.

We would love to have you join us!

To read more about our pregnancy and infant loss journey, or to share your own story, visit our Remembering page.

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