Read and Share 5 Minute Bible Stories Review


Read and Share 5 minute Bible Stories by Gwen Ellis, published by Thomas Nelson is a devotional bible perfect for young listeners.  Each two-page spread covers a story in a very brief format.  Each story has follow up activities such as discussion questions and suggested memory verses for young ones.  One of the things I noticed right away is that instead of trying to push longer stories into abbreviated versions, the publishers were willing to break stories down into smaller pieces.  In fact, each day of creation has it's own page.

We are partially using the Mother of Divine Grace Kindergarten syllabus with Logan and they wanted us to break the creation story into multiple days.  None of the other Children's Bibles we have, however, had breaks between the days in the story.  I really liked being able to move through each day slowly without having to stop in the middle of a story.  Obviously I haven't gone through the entire syllabus and compared it to this resource, but it will be on the list of books I check when I am planning my weekly activities to pick the best version.

The book cover is very sturdy to hold up to a large number of repeat readings.  The format is oversized which makes it perfect for sharing with a few children at once.  The picture I shared above was not posed, Tim was reading to Logan and (as often happens) slowly others started joining in.  I was reading with Lucie on the other couch so this is as real-deal photography as it gets (thank goodness for slide up cameras on the iPhone I guess).

Overall, this is the second book I will happily give five stars!

In exchange for an honest review, I was provided with a free copy of this book through the BookLook Bloggers review program. 

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