Biblical Story Telling Prop Box

Kylee's Noah's Ark.
As my kids have gotten older, we have done most of the Old Testament Godly Play presentations so I decided that instead of putting individual story boxes on the shelf I would put together a box of simple props that they could use to tell their own stories.

All three of the middles are working through the Old Testament right now in one of their curriculums or another.  Kylee (2nd) is doing Institute for Excellence in Writing, Bible Heroes.   Logan (K) is doing MODG Kindergarten religion reading list suggestions, which is basically Old Testament stories from a Children's Bible.  Caleb (4th) is actually reading the whole thing straight from the source!

Instead of many boxes, we only have one box on the shelf.  In the box are blank wooden people, a couple of our buildings from other story boxes, some animals, a rainbow, some wheat, blue felt for large bodies of water and blue string for small bodies, rocks (for altars, mountains, and stone tablets) and a few other pieces.  Close by in the living room, we also have our regular block and animal buckets which allow for the building of structures (like Noah's Ark below).

Moses leading the Israelites to the Red Sea, being chased by Pharaoh's Army.
Lucie's Noah's Ark (Complete with food for the sheep)

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