52 Little Lessons from A Christmas Carol Review

This just might be a first:  Me sharing a seasonal resource with you before the season starts!!!   Today I am reviewing 52 Little Lessons From A Christmas Carol by Bob Welch.   Published by Thomas Nelson, this devotional booklet is perfect for starting during the Advent season.   With 52 lessons, it could be used as a weekly devotional or a daily study.  While the theme of the devotional is obviously rooted in in a Christmas story, the lessons are appropriate for year round study.   

All of the lessons are rooted both in scripture and values-based living.  They are short and easily read in 5-10 minutes, which does not mean that they will be digested as quickly.   They are the kind of thoughts that can work to help refocus your day before it even starts.  Because of the nature of A Christmas Carol and its wide reproduction in various children's books, films, and more, it is not even needed to have read the original to benefit from the lessons (although as a literature person I would ask why not, as Dickens goes its a pretty straight forward read).  I would say that this particular devotional could even be used as a family devotional with middle/upper elementary aged students and above.  

In exchange for an honest review, I was provided with a complimentary copy of this title through the BookLook Bloggers Review Program.

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