Advent Round Up

Here we are, coming up on Advent again!

We like to have a quiet Advent whenever possible.  We try to remember that we are awaiting, not yet celebrating, Christ's birth.  We do this by having a regular set of family traditions throughout the month of December, beginning with the first Sunday in Advent, that gradually builds our excitement towards the big day!  We have traditions for when and how we decorate our tree (slowly!) and what types of cookies and holiday treats we bake.

Sometimes I forget something from years past and the kids are quick to remind me!

The last two years we have been anxiously awaiting our own arrival during this season of the year.  When I compare last year to this year I sometimes feel like I can't possibly be the same person!   Although, that being said reading my comments about the St. Andrew novena and saints vying for future naming rights... here we are.  Waiting for Tomas Andrew this time, although waiting with a much more hopeful anticipation.   Siena I could even describe as at-peace waiting, but I can't say I was ever all that hopeful (although I wanted and tried to be).

Complete list of previous years post, plus a new free graphing activity for Advent!  I love books and I know lots of you do as well so I included all of the Christmas themed reviews.   Looking through I see that Immaculate Conception & Our Lady of Guadalupe are both missing out on posts of their own, so I think I will try to work on that this year.  I also take requests for particular feast days, Godly play style lessons, or other learning resources so if you are looking for something in my thrown-together style let me know!

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