Caleb's Top Ten Years

In honor of Caleb finishing his first decade today, here are 10 facts about his first 10 years.

1.  Caleb used to say he had an elephant brain because he could remember everything he'd ever heard or read.  This is entirely true and makes life interesting for those of us who do not remember things as well as he does.

2.  He is a great gift giver because he remembers the smallest comments people make about their likes and dislikes.

3.  He is also easy to buy for because we always know exactly what he wants, yet he always seems surprised when he finds it in the package.  I will be the first to admit we sometimes spoil him a little bit because of this fact.

4.  Caleb is happiest when he is highest, messiest, or otherwise in the most amount of danger.

5. He has has more emergency room visits, hospital stays, and other therapies and appointments than the rest of my children combined.  It's not even close.

6.   While Caleb prefers quiet and being alone, he is often the most sought after sibling for playtime.  He is rough and tumble, but gentle as a lamb with new babies.

7. Seven was a big year for Caleb:  Black belt, First Communion, and a broken arm...all in the same week.

8.  He routinely brings home a dozen books from the library and finishes them the first day.

9.  Caleb insists that he is not creative and will not do anything willing if he can't instantly recall a "correct" answer.   That being said, his brain is such a vast storage center of information when we can trick him into tapping into it, he makes incredibly insightful and, yes, creative connections and solutions to problems.

10.  He prefers growling to smiling but if you can catch him at the right time you will not be disappointed!

Caleb has a half a page list of diagnosis that make living in and with his body a challenge on the best days and an outright struggle on the worst.  Those diagnosis may say a lot about how we parent him (sometimes quite differently than our other children), but they say very little about who Caleb is and who I believe he will grow to be in the next decade of his life!  

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Meredith said...

What a sweet tribute, Heidi! Happy birthday, dear Caleb! May God grant you many happy years.