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This little guy is 32 weeks now.  In some ways it is hard to fathom the road that has gotten us to this point.   I can hardly believe how fast my pregnancy has gone and how quickly it is coming to its end.

32 weeks might not sound like very close to the end, but the truth is for me it probably is.   Logan, Lucie, and Kylee were all born at or before 37 weeks.   With my history and this being my 4th C-Section, 2nd in a year, that is kind of the goal: to get to 37 weeks.   

That being said, first we get to 35 weeks.  That is the earliest I can deliver at our community hospital that doesn't have a NICU.  This is a huge priority for me because (a) I trust my doctor completely and (b) this hospital is not "baby friendly" but does have the best nurses I've ever delivered with.  When Logan was born, he had some trouble transitioning.  The nurse noticed he was starting to root on the oxygen and made the call that nursing was more important and likely to be helpful than anything else.  I know the hospital and I know the procedures and keeping mom and baby together is a matter of policy unless absolutely necessary.  There is almost nothing they won't do, in my experience, to facilitate mom and baby and they are dad friendly too!  When I was half-laboring overnight with Kenna they actually encouraged us to pull out the queen sleeper sofa and sleep together instead of separately.    

There is one doctor there who is a little more traditional and medical, but my doctor says that he's coming for my delivery no matter what and not to worry about it.

We had a great appointment today talking about Mr. Man's future.   First of all, he has his monthly ultrasound and had a great growth spurt.  They were estimating him all the way up to 4 lbs 11 oz.  Now, these things are notoriously unreliable after a certain point, but he actually measured a week ahead!  

My doctor asked me about scheduling a c-section and I was honest with him that one of the things I'm struggling with most is just how medical this birth has to be.  I don't really want to pick his birthday.  That seems like such a little thing, but it matters to me.  

Unlike my other c-sections with the girls (Kylee and Lucie), I had been originally told that I wouldn't be allowed to labor.  Both girls I had 12 hours+ of labor before surgery, so even though they were technically early they had at least some benefits of labor in terms of warning that their lungs were going to need to start working.  C-Section babies can have a harder time transitioning and I was concerned that without that labor time he might be more likely to have that issue especially if it is earlier.

Today we came to the following decisions.

1)  Provided everything continues to be uneventful I am officially allowed to go into labor, but not to labor.  If that makes sense.  If I had a history of short labors this might not be an option, but I don't.  Quite the opposite, in fact.   He was very clear I need to come basically as soon as I think I'm in any sort of labor in order to avoid ending up with any annoying "emergency" protocols or without him as my doctor, but I will take that as opposed to having all of the production that goes along with scheduling.  

2) If anything does decide to become eventful in the next few weeks we have the following plan of attack.  Between 35-37 weeks we will proceed with caution but not hesitate to act if something looks suspicious.  From 37-39 weeks we will basically act at any sign of things being off with me or Tomas.  39 weeks (Christmas Eve) is his official eviction date with this being my 2nd C-Section in a year, but I'm not worried about going into labor before then.  I'm fairly certain I will.  I was joking with him though that if I make it that far, then I want the 23rd (my birthday) instead of the 24th and he assures me that if I make it that far he will "give me whatever I want." 

Maybe I should have gotten that in writing.... 

I'm not picky though, all I really want is 37 weeks.  I know I will feel better about Tomas if we make it that far- heck maybe we can even break this under 6 pound streak the last few have been on.  I like not feeling like I'm going to lose my babies if I put them down!

I had a rough couple weeks between about 28-31 weeks and actually ended up getting steroid shots just in case.   My blood pressure was up a little and my hips were giving out on me and I was having severe headaches.  I could tell he was a little worried that he might have to do the one thing we worked so hard not to do this time which was send me to Mayo!  That being said, other than my hips which continue to get worse, and may be a factor in a few weeks, everything has improved and we have reached a nice status quo.

I am feeling happy anxious anticipation about the whole thing.  

Calm even. 

I was never, ever, ever calm when I was pregnant with Kylee after Kenna.

I'm sure that I will have up and down days in this regard over the coming weeks, but I feel confident that we are going to make it.  I might collapse in exhaustion (emotional, spiritual, and otherwise) when we finally do but we ARE going to get there.

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Meghan said...

Offering up my owns aches and pains and anxiety for you my friend! These babies have a date next June!