Inadequate Words

All of the words I have as we celebrate one year without our sweet Siena are inadequate to truly express her place in this family.  The last year has been filled with many ups and downs and we have struggled to find a new normal that does not include this sweet girl with us each day.  There are many who have come alongside us and shared in those ups and downs.  Relationships have been tested.  Some have been strengthened and others have fallen away.   New relationships have been forged.  This is a trend I know will continue into the next year of our lives as well.

We have, at times, faced criticism for our decisions to carry Siena to term, to remember her in the ways that we have/do, and to be open to Tomas' life so shortly after her own.  

I can say with confidence, however, that I have no regrets.

Tears have fallen, and more will fall, but through tears comes the love and laughter that will keep Siena in the heart of this family for all of the years to come.

#SienaStrong forever.

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