My Other Blogging Gig

As I mentioned in my 2015 wrap up post, I have taken on a regular gig blogging over at Peanut Butter & Grace.  I've also submitted a manuscript with them for a book on family service and have a manuscript in the discussion phases taking some of the intentional family living posts and tying them together with some of the nitty gritty of parenting life.

Prior to Tomas' arrival, I had been trying to make sure to at least share the weekly links to my posts on our Facebook page, but I am so far behind I figured I would put the last few all here and start trying to share them as I remember.   Other than Facebook, you can also keep up with any of my thoughts (and the thoughts of much smarter folks than I am) by subscribing to The Bread directly or by visiting my storyteller page on their website.

Here are my December pieces linked directly (more recent first).  With the exception of the NICU post, they were all written/scheduled prior to Tomas' birthday.

There are Expectations and Then There is Reality

Advent Reflections from the NICU

Why Am I Still Smiling?  Because Even Amid Tragedy, I have a Reason for Joy

How Habits of Intentional Living Carried Us Through A Season of Grief

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