Swaddle Baths or What I DID Learn in the NICU

I've been pretty negative about our time in the NICU, and especially in the step down nursery.  Let's be honest, I was hormonal and I wanted to go home with my baby.  But lest you think I am not willing to admit when someone manages to teach this old dog a new trick I want to tell you about the swaddle bath.

There are rules for everything in the NICU, including how often a baby gets a bath.   Tomas' first bath was so hated that I actually asked if we could skip the second "scheduled" one because really... why does he need to be this upset if he's not really dirty?  The only good thing about his first bath was he was so made he got his CPAP hat wet and blew his IV and they decided to take both off.



The nurse we had that second night though was super smart and taught me about swaddle baths.  Basically she just swaddled Tomas in a flannel receiving blanket which she also used as a washcloth and it was AWESOME.  He loved it.



As a result of the swaddle bath, which has now become the swaddle shower, this is probably the cleanest newborn we have ever had.


Which is made even more wonderful by this hair.... freshly washed, it is just too much!


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