Singing His Songs


Don't be surprised if you visit our house one day and hear the sounds of Christmas music drifting from the nearest speaker.   When Tomas was in the NICU, his oxygen levels were one of the last things to stabilize for him.   Like many babies, his stats were better when mom was holding and talking to him.  He was awake very little, but we could tell when he was getting overwhelmed and stressed by seeing those numbers dive down and not come up well on their own.

It was December and the world outside our little room was turning shades of red and green and other families were lighting their first Advent candles.  I absolutely love Advent and was feeling a little ripped of those early Advent experiences so I took to singing Christmas music to Tomas.  I would sing Silent Night, Away in a Manger, and the Friendly Beasts again and again throughout the day, almost any time that we were alone together.  When I wasn't singing, I played a Christian radio station that was broadcasting all Christmas music at the time.

A few of the songs that I particularly enjoyed, I later downloaded to my phone to play during the actual Christmas season (when the radio had stopped playing them...silly people).  I put all of the songs (plus a few others I had played/sung for him) into one playlist and started playing it at night when we were rocking.

I'm not sure when it happened, but Tomas now has a magic song.  If I hum or put on How Many Kings by Downhere he relaxes and falls asleep almost instantly.  It is an almost automatic response to hearing the music!

So here at our house, we are still listening to Christmas Music even though it is April.

On a side note, it's unfortunate that we haven't found the magic song for staying asleep, but it sure is fun to press play and feel him melt and relax to sleep on my chest.


Angie said...

I have never heard that Christmas song. Beautiful!

Hannah @Sunshine and Spoons said...

That is so cute!