Baby Wren And The Great Gift Book Review

The kingfisher can dive, the raccoons can do cartwheels, the sunfish can swim and splash, but what can baby wren do?

This is a delightful story of a young wren looking out and seeing all of the abilities that the other animals have and wondering why she can't do those things too.  How can she make the world a more fun and beautiful place?  She feels small and insignificant, until she looks around and realizes that she has a wonderful song just waiting to bubble up from inside of her.  She has a song to fill the whole sky as high as the eagles can fly!

Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones, this is a story that never mentions God but is absolutely about discovering the gift that God gave each of us.  In the end, baby wren uses her gift to say thank you not only for her gift, but for the gift of each of the other creatures in the story.  The illustrations, by Jen Corace, are gentle and enticing.  This is the type of picture book that I can read every day without feeling irritated (or maybe I'm the only one who feels irritated that way about reading Dora for the tenth night in a row).  

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