#GiveYourChildTheWorld Favorites Weeks 2 & 3


 Just when I think probably no one is actually reading these words I write here, someone will notice when I skip something.  One of our readers pointed out that I missed out on posting my recommendations from week two of the Read The World Summer Book Club.  I had been planning to do it, but got a little behind over the holiday weekend so I'll combine our week 2 & 3 lists into one post.

Just a note, don't forget about audio books!  Some of the titles are out of stock right now, but can be enjoyed for less money AND without waiting as an audiobook. You can even try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks (yours to keep even after the trial period).

Week 2:  Africa

Overall, Anna Hibiscus is a long time favorite of ours and this was a fun reason to pull it off of the shelf again.  Honey, Honey, Lion and Brining the Rain to Kapiti Plain have also been long-loved here by the preschool crowd.  Listening for Lions wins the award for the favorite new book by the big kids and Mom loved Two Ways to Count to Ten and Rain School!

Week 3:  Europe

The Europe book lists felt really long and I had a harder time picking titles because fewer were familiar to me.  The world wars are a common theme and while it's an important one, we haven't done modern European history and I didn't want to turn it into a mini unit on WWI&II.  I decided to focus on mixing up countries of origin across age levels when I made my choices.

I finally bit the bullet and joined Instagram, be sure to find me over there @workandplaydaybyday!  I foresee lots of Montessori homeschool photography in my future.  I also created a Pinterest board full of projects and ideas for the book club. I probably won't get around to most of them, but maybe you will?!  I also have book recommendations from week 1 in case you missed it!


This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for helping pay for my book buying habits.  Tim appreciates it.


Meredith said...

We're doing this book club this summer, too, and really enjoying it! It might fall apart a bit when we start travelling, but we have enjoyed it thus far.

Heidi said...

Just stop at our house- we'll have our box of books out :)

Angie said...

Ordered mine from the library after hounding you. ;) now I will have to go hunt for Honey, Honey Lion and a few other new titles to add to our list. What fun it has been to bring home some different books this summer. We loved the Golden Rule book! And those Barbara Kerley pictures I could oogle over again and again! Thanks Heidi!

Sarah McKelvy said...

For Africa, I primarily used the book "The Storyteller" by Evan Turk and had social studies, art, and science lessons based of it.

Heidi said...

Thanks for the recommendation Sarah! I will look that one up :)

Heidi said...

Angie there are more Barbara Kerley books! Love her!