How to Homeschool Through {Just About} Anything Part Six


So life has got you in a tight grip and it's not leaving much room to climb... or you know actually homeschool.  While I hope that the previous posts in this series (link below) have given you at least a little bit of confidence that your children are learning valuable character and practical life lessons, I also want to break down four options more concretely.

Here are four ways that you can continue homeschooling through {just about} anything.

Option 1
Stop all academics.  Stick to living life, it's enough for right now.

Advantage:  One less thing on your to-do list
Disadvantage:  One less piece of structure for your kids who may need some structure.  Can be challenging to know when/how to restart.

Option 2
Rely on friends and family.  Let friends and family read aloud, lead field trips, and even do some teaching and/or housework to give you breathing room.

Advantage:  Keeps some activity going while reducing the burden on you.
Disadvantage:  May provide an organizational challenge and you may not have a good idea of what everyone has been up to during the gap (if that is something that you either choose or are required to keep track of - some people don't and that's ok too)

Option 3
Change curriculum/approaches.  Buy some basic workbooks or an out of the box/all inclusive curriculum package for each child and let them have at it.

Advantage: Much less planning and prep work for mom.
Disadvantage:  Depending on what you choose and how many children you have this might be expensive.  It also might require new training and be confusing for kids depending on what you have done in the past.

Option 4 (Highly Recommended!!)
Mix it up.  Take it one day at a time and fill in homeschool when you can and how you can.

Advantage:  Ultimate flexibility with plenty of time leftover for memory making.
Disadvantage:  May feel disjointed and inconsistent, hard to plan ahead.

Depending on the nature of your season of life, any of the above options might be best for your family.  What has worked for you?

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