Musings on The Use of Social Media

When Tim came back from his Florida trip, he shared with me a conversation he and his coworkers had around the dinner table one night when they were out to eat.  This particular group is really educated.  MD's, PhD's....people with both.  The conversation was about mentally checking within the room to see if you are really the expert here.

Because if you are sitting at the dinner table and you pipe up what cancer treatment your cousin should have when you are sitting next to an oncologist you are probably overstepping your expertise. It makes you look ridiculous and silly.  I know because I've done it plenty of times myself!

At the dinner table most people will be gracious with you for your lack of humility.  In a small group it is easy to correct in love and put relationships and people first, but what happens on social media?

On social media you are both the only person in the room and at the dinner table with most of the human population.   Will you be the expert in something you don't really know or will you let others who know more speak?

How can you tell the difference?  What about when you are the expert and someone else speaks up?

There is some crazy crap going on in our country.  Really, really crazy crap.

I would like to go on record saying that I have absolutely no idea what it is like to be a black man, a police officer, an Iraqi, Christian in the middle east, LGBTQ, or any number of other things in this world.  I DO know that these people have suffered an unacceptable amount of violence in recent weeks and months.  I'm also sure that there has been so much violence that I have undoubtedly missed many of its victims.

It is quite simply unacceptable and my heart hurts because of it.

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