Huge Announcement!

Home Based Montessori Quick Start Guide 

I am so excited about this project I can honestly barely contain myself!  I've been working on it in stolen moments all summer and have gotten far enough to make an announcement and to release the first phase of the project.

For many months, I have been wondering what to do with all the articles, activities, and lessons that are archived way back in the doldrums of this blog.  There is some great stuff in there, but it's somewhat futsy to get to, even for me... and I usually know exactly what I'm looking for.  I wasn't always great about tagging stuff way back when, not knowing quite how things would develop here.

Starting today there is a new way to find what you are looking for, the Home Based Montessori Quick Start Guide at Work and Play, Day by Day.  At its core this is a new by-age index of tips, tricks, activities, and more to use when implementing Montessori methods in your home.  As you dig deeper, however, it is so much more.  I believe it can help you find the right balance of Montessori for your family and give you activities that you can start today without any special training or equipment (although more training and equipment will be discussed along the way).  Mixed in with my archived posts is a ton of brand new content and tips and some links to other bloggers who have explained things in better detail.

The only links that are live today are the main index and the Infant/Toddler guide.  I will release the rest of the levels (all the way from birth through secondary in the end) as I finish them and I will continually update all of the indexes to include any new posts.

Do you know what this is costing you?  

Absolutely nothing.

Not even an email subscription (although that may come in the future...but like way in the future).

I'm so excited about this I'm just giving it to you.

As a small-time blogger, you might be surprised to hear just how many questions I answer about getting started with Montessori each week.  I've often directed people to one post or another in my archives, but it is always a little bit of a guessing game to know just what they need to hear, the quick start guide will allow me to let them decide where they want to start and direct them to what they think will be most useful.

I'll make an announcement when new indexes are ready, but you can always check in by clicking on the Quick Start Guide logo (shown above) in the right sidebar at any time.   Be sure to leave me a comment if you have any questions!

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