The Gift That Keeps on Giving


I can't believe the Give Your Child the World Summer Book Club is almost finished!  Did you make it to the end?   I was worried for a bit there towards the end of July/early August that we might not, but we did!  All of the regions, more books requested from the library than I can count, and even more books that I wish we had gotten too.

We didn't do a lot with the videos and activities that Jamie at Simple Homeschool was so great to post each week.  We did do a ton, however, with our Montessori materials, including some that we hadn't used in quite awhile.  Montessori promoted a global first model of education and as a result this book dovetails with absolutely everything I've ever known about her approach.  Honestly, I believe every Montessori homeschooler and teacher should have a copy of this book if they don't already.  Every puzzle and pin map was used at least a dozen times and our Waseca Biomes continent map was out almost every week.  The picture below wasn't a one time sighting, it was an almost daily occurrence.  Pin punching was so popular that I seized the day and made a printable version of the world map!


In addition to the great work that happened over the summer with geography, my school year geography basically planned itself.  In the past, I have used our Montessori materials in a themed/unit study type approach for a set term so that I can anticipate what materials to put out during any given season.  I usually plan 2-3 themes to cover during a school year for each area of culture study (science, geography, history).

Thanks to the Scrambled States of America, US Geography is going to be on the agenda at some point.   We also have a renewed interest in Korean geography, history, language, and cultural studies as we learn more about the origins of our much-loved taekwondo.  We already own Rosetta Stone Korean, although we haven't used it much and I've picked up a few more Korean language books and some of the titles from Give Your Child the World that we didn't use this summer.  I anticipate many more maxed our requests on my library card as we try to read them all!


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