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Do you know what happens every time I think I'm going to settle into a new routine and have a groove working for me?   Life.   Life happens.  I bet life happens to you too!   Life the last couple weeks for us have been all about a sick (again!) four year old.  We are working on figuring all of that out still, but in the meantime, it is times like this that inspire me to dig into the Montessori method and what it means to us as homeschoolers.

Many of my readers are not homeschoolers and some of the ones that are do not use primarily a Montessori approach.  This was one of the most useful pieces of information I learned from a recent survey I sent out via our homeschool email list (the one I didn't follow up on in a timely manner!).  Most readers who responded are looking for ways to incorporate the Montessori materials or philosophy in a manageable way to specific subject areas.

Since you are all coming from different places with Montessori knowledge and skills, here is some from-the-archives inspiration.

Why Montessori?
What IS Montessori anyways?
10 Things Montessori Isn't
Montessori Homeschooling and My Large Family

It's fun for me to read through posts from my archives because I can see the many ways our homeschool has grown and changed over the year.  While keeping a blog dedicated primarily to our homeschooling is a lot of work at times, the ongoing record keeping is one of the biggest advantages!  As always the Home-Based Montessori Quick Start Guide is the fastest way to find inspiration for a specific subject or age.  You can also subscribe directly to the email list (there is a text box in the right sidebar and a purple pop-up in the bottom right corner of your screen) to be sure your voice is included in future surveys.

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