I am excited to announce that this year, on the 21st of each month, I will be joining together with other Montessori Teacher Pay Teacher sellers to offer special deals (see below for a sneak peak!).   This month, for January 21st only, we will be offering select items at 50% off of their regular list price.

I am offering our Hands on Electricity & Magnetism Unit, normally $5.00, for only $2.50.  This product was actually developed by Tim during his Master's Degree program many years ago and field tested in a Montessori 9-12 classroom.  I later adapted the lesson plans to be classroom and/or homeschool friendly.  In the only three months it has been in the store it has proven extremely popular, moving into my Top 5 for both total sales and conversion rate!  Considering the Top 3 items have all been on my site for over a year, this is a pretty incredible accomplishment.

Search Teachers Pay Teachers using #MontessoriLove and be sure to check out all of the other great products available!


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