Spring Saturday on Our Little Homestead


Just to be clear, I am aware that it is neither spring nor do we actually have any ability to truly homestead on our little piece of land.  That being said, when the weather turns to spring, even just for a day or weekend, we can't help but get out and make the most of it.   While we can never fully homestead, we try to do a little more each year and this year will be no different.  It was fun to walk the woods, take care of a few chores, plan a few projects, and generally enjoy our spring creek.



We've been talking about using wood as a secondary heat source in the house and lo and behold this winter we lost a bunch of hardwood trees to wind and snow, more than enough to supply ourselves for a while.  The way things fell, we will eventually have a nice little clearing for some future plans, but in the meantime nature left quite the little playground!




The kids started this fort our first year here and it keeps growing and changing, even through the winter.   They seem to have made it kids-only now by creating a crawling-required entrance!


We are severely limited in our animal options due to city regulations and the fact that technically, we live just barely inside the limits.  We can have our three chickens, who came to join us about a month ago, and rabbits.  The boys just bought a pair of female angora rabbits and are hoping to have success with their wool.   Can I charge rent in wool?   Might have to learn to spin soon... All of our hutches had a good cleaning and the boys picked up a load of hay and cleaned out the lean to.



Our yard is so wet and icy there isn't a lot of space for the little guy to roam but he is sure digging the fresh air while others work on chores.  He knows where his swing is and spends much of his time pointing and grunting for someone to take him back for a ride.


Some Minnesotans call this "mud" season.  Lucie does an excellent job proving why.  The mud on our back porch is nonstop this time of year and will be until probably April or May.


I know the weather will probably be cold again before we know it, and even if it isn't it will be a while before we can really get out and work outside much.  In the meantime, we will make the most of the spring teaser!


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Angie said...

Enjoy the weather! I grew up calling it sapping season...have any maples on your homestead? ;)