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How many times have you seen your child try something successfully (or not so successfully) after they have observed you doing the same task many times?  Our children observe us and the Montessori method teaches us how to observe them.

Montessori methods and philosophy are beautiful tools to support your family's daily life and homeschooling.  Here at Work & Play, Day by Day we are committed to helping you on that journey.   While there are many blogs describing the method and materials of Montessori, I want this to be a place that all are welcome to see it in action (the beautiful and the messy) and figure out how to best take advantage of all the approach has to offer for your family. 

It doesn't really matter where your child goes to school, how many you have, and if you know anything about Montessori.  All you need is the genuine desire to develop your child into a capable and confident human being of character.  

I am here to help.

I publish a newsletter primarily aimed at the space where homeschooling and home management collide.  As I have built a deeper relationship with some of these subscribers, I realized that there is a huge need for a place to talk about the more practical side of raising a family with Montessori (heck, just raising a family period!) and my recent posting along those lines has been heavily influenced by their input.  I want all of you to be a part of that.  

If you are here and you are reading, your voice is important to me!

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Free stuff is good, but MORE FREE STUFF is even better, yes?!

You are already here, let's make sure you are getting everything out of the experience as you can.  Sign up today for inspiring Montessori photo quotes you can display in your home as a reminder of the beauty of childhood and for a set of Montessori-inspired games to help you get started!

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