How Much He Loves Her


Among my many doubts about the close spacing of these two youngest monkeys of mine, was how well Tomas at 19 months would respond to his new sister.   While it has not been a seamless transition (he's tired of extra people around the house and doesn't always want to share Mommy and Daddy, both completely understandable), overall he has taken his cues from big brothers and sisters and loves her as much as they do.

Here are some adorable moments from their first days together.

At the hospital, it was mostly all about Mommy!


But then wait, who's that?!


First night home, he needed his own turn holding her.


Once he held her once, he wanted more.  He wanted to hold her all the time!

He went and got the boppy pillow and a blanket, climbed up on the chair, and stuck out his arms for her.   Then didn't want Tim to take her back!


While Sarah was nursing in one of these two chairs, he climbed up in the other with the other boppy, one of his blankets and Lucie's doll (who's name is, interestingly enough, Sarah).  I would love to know what those curious eyes were thinking in this picture!


While I know there will be a period of continued transition over the coming weeks and months, I'm perfectly pleased with how he is responding thus far!

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