That Time I Spilled The Beans About My Marital Relationship to A Cardinal


Alternately titled... Why Heidi should only communicate in writing that can be edited before she hits send.

Do you remember Sarah Margaret's pregnancy announcement?

The short version for those who don't have time to read is that she was conceived in the window of time between when we visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe and met St. Gianna's daughter and when Lucie was diagnosed with epilepsy.  Of all of my children, she is my greatest testimony between the beauty of NFP (Natural Family Planning).

The Shrine has been a large part of our family story and Tim and I give a modest amount of money each month and as a result they invite us to a dinner for benefactors each July.   Before the dinner this past week, we attended Mass offered by Cardinal Burke and then had the opportunity to greet him individually (he does this part after the majority of Masses he offers during his visits, so check his schedule if you are close by).


I'm really bad at these sorts of things and get all tongue tied and flustered.

Holiness?  Eminence?  Excellency?

I never remember.

He commented on her name and to his surprise and mine I stammered out her conception story right then and there.  I mean, not the nitty gritty details obviously, but definitely more than this sweet, holy man was looking for when he asked if we had prayed for St. Gianna's intercession for her!

No?  Yes?  I didn't even know the answer to that question!

Clearly St. Gianna had been praying for us, right?

Maybe I should go with that next time someone asks.

By the time Cardinal Burke made it to our dinner table later that evening, I would like to believe that he had forgotten the whole crazy lady sharing intimate details thing.   I was still too flustered to even say hello or to share my book with him, which many people have encouraged me to do as the peaceful environment of the Shrine was a major factor in allowing me to have the courage to write it.

He probably (definitely) thinks I am nuts.

Maybe he will forget by next July?

If not, at least Sarah will have a good story to tell as soon as she gets past the trauma of realizing exactly what her mother has been sharing with other people as she grows up!

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