Lap Books for Babies


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you've already probably seen this, but I wanted to make sure I posted here as well, because I discovered the best set of books for babies and toddlers!

I first discovered the Share A Story lap edition board books at Costco.  I purchased two classics (Runaway Bunny &  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom) for Tomas in the van on our drive to Chicago last month.   They worked perfectly for that as he was able to hold the book against the back of the seat propped up on his legs, turn the pages, and enjoy them without much assistance.

I also discovered, however, that these books are perfect for propping up to display changing art for Sarah- particularly Runaway Bunny, with its lovely colors and contrasts.  They also provide an opportunity for the other kids to be involved in the preparation of her environment by contributing to changing the pages each day or each period she spends in her movement area.

She talks to them and tries to roll over to them and is just generally her own adorable self.

Now I discovered that the series has more titles available on Amazon for a similar price!  I'm dreaming of 1st &  2nd birthdays and Christmas presents.


What is on your list?  
Which classic children's book would you love to see in this size?

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