Cloth Diaper HELP!!


I have a half dozen posts updating you on all the big and little happenings around our new little homestead, but today I'm crowdsourcing.  I've been cloth diapering almost continually for the last 14 years and since we moved to our new property with well water my diapers are just not fresh-  I need your ideas!

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They have a build up smell that I can't get out with stripping, sunshine, a couple drops of bleach, extra wash cycles.  I can't remember what else I've tried.  Tomas seems unbothered by the build up, but Sarah's poor bottom is miserable.

I bought a package of disposables for each kid so that I could spent an entire weekend with my whole stash quadruple washing them.

The diaper rash improved substantially, but the diapers?  Despite not even a whiff of smell when clean, as soon as they get wet it is back full force and Sarah's diaper rash is too.

The stash is a mix of FLIPS and BumGenius Pocket diapers.  I double all the diapers with a fleece/flannel insert of my own design to make shaking poo off super easy and be a softer layer against the skin.  They vary in age from practically brand new to 8ish years.  This is the system I've been using for a long time.  I just retired some old BG velcro 3.0s that were used for well over a dozen years.

The well water has been tested and nothing they tested was off.   The washing machine is the same as is the soap (although maybe that is reacting differently to the water?).

I'm running out of ideas-

Please fix my diapers!


frozenjonesfam said...

Hate to tell you this. I completely ditched cloth once we were on a well. I tried with each new baby to use them again just hoping I was imagining the issues to no avail. No more cloth for us. I could never find a reasonable solution at all. :-(

Heidi said...

Frozenjonesfam- NO!!! I don't want to hear that! I had to give them up for awhile in our old house because the original washing machine didn't have a hot setting (who genuinely thinks thats a good idea?).

Clara Galiano said...


Rosie said...

We have well water that's VERY hard and was ruining our clothes - we got a softener and it totally fixed everything! We also wash with regular powdered Tide.

Laura said...

What detergent are you using? I'd try something like Tide if you're using an all natural kind right now. I hate the smell, though, so I use "Arm & Hammer with OxiClean" and it works very well. Hopefully you just need a stronger detergent.

frozenjonesfam said...

I never thought to use regular detergent with ours since it's been ingrained in my mind to only use the fancy-schmancy cloth-diapered "approved" detergent. We have a softener, but that never helped with anything.

I hope you find something that works. I may have to just dig out our diapers for when BB8 arrives and see if I can't resurrect some...although I do have to admit that not having cloth diaper laundry on top of laundry for a thousand other people has been just fine. :-)