Euphrosyne Paper


Kylee, age 10, has decided that our farm, Euphrosyne Corner, is in need of a daily newspaper.  As such she is following us all around with a notebook and pen recording our daily lives.  For the privilege of sharing this glimpse into our days with you, I have paid .25 for reprint rights.  I have also given up countless hours of work time on my computer because a "proper" newspaper is always typed.  All spelling and grammar are her own- read carefully. 

Euphrosyne Paper 
written By Kylee  A. Indahl

        Mr. and Ms. Indahl were trying to establish the propriety line.  Ms. Indahl said that her husband was trying to fix his compass. When Mr. Indahl caught up with his wife they start talking about the propriety line.  Mr. Indahl goes to get the tractor.  While waiting for her husband, Ms. Indahl points her compass north. While all this goes on Nutmeg is stalking through the grass. Just then Mr.Indahl returns on the tractor. Ms. Indahl tells her children, Caleb and Kylee, to get out of the way so they run to the barn were the goats and the cats live.  Another one of Mr. Indahl’s sons 

joined them. In the barn Caleb and Logan played with dust until Caleb threw dust in Logan's eyes and Ms. Indahl then sent Logan Caleb and Kylee inside to help Aidan with the little kids. Inside Sarah the baby of the family walks to Ms. Indahl as she comes into the kitchen.  Then she leaves and goes into the living room to nurse Sarah. Lucie plays a tape story on her CD player while Caleb starts to play with Tomas nearby and Tomas then asks for a bunny ride. Then Sarah tries to pick up Gavin the only inside cat. Logan is now done showering and is listening to Lucie’s tape story. Then Sarah trying to follow the cat fell down the stairs luckily she was un hurt. Lucie turns of her CD and asks to go to bed so Ms. Indahl says she will put  Lucie to bed and that Caleb and Logan and Kylee have to watch Sarah and Tomas. Logan plays with Sarah and Caleb plays with Tomas. Just then Mr. Indahl came in from mowing the path and goes in to the kitchen then Logan starts to sing then Caleb jumps on him then Logan starts to whine . Then Mr. Indahl asks where his wife is and his children answer she is putting Lucie to bed then he asks if Sarah has been fed  and they say she has. Then he goes back outside for a second and comes back to put Sarah to bed and Tomas goes to bed.  While Caleb  plays on his computer Logan comes to watch him . Aidan just came in from mowing and goes into the kitchen and does the dishes.  He starts by clearing the table. Logan then starts to make a clucking sound and says he is a chicken.  Caleb tells him to stop so Logan stops and watches Caleb. Ms.Indahl just finishes putting kids to bed then Mr. Indahl comes up with Sarah .   

Next day.

Kylee goes up stairs were Ms. Indahl is feeding the little kids in the kitchen.Then Kylee goes back down stairs to wake up the boys and goes up stairs to the kitchen were Ms. Indahl is making a butter egg for Lucie. Then Caleb comes up stairs and Caleb and Kylee go  to do the chores. Then they go in to eat breakfast .After breakfast Kylee starts to play piano. When she finishes playing  Ms. Indahl puts Sarah to bed. When Ms. Indahl finishes putting Sarah to bed they have a meeting not including Mr. Indahl. Then Kylee has her school meeting when it is done she starts her school work. Then Caleb and Ms.Indahl start to organize books while Logan starts to throw stuff at Aidan. When Caleb and Ms. Indahl come up Ms. Indahl tells Logan to pick up the living room and Caleb starts to read. Ms. Campbell and her children   come to pick up Lucie. The Campbell children are great friends with they Indahl children so they played some then the Campbell's leave then the Indahl children go back to what they were doing.

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