Traditional Training Meets Non Conventional Methods

Have you ever needed help with parenting or homeschool, only to discover that to get help from a professional you had to suffer through a system that devalues your family values, including your decision to homeschool?  

Do you struggle to imagine being able to find help for your struggling self or child without hearing that school is the "obvious" solution?  

Your best friend friend from high school is a teacher so she could probably help you figure out which of these two curriculums would work better, but homeschool is kind of a no-go topic between the two of you right now.

Whenever you share your tired heart with your mom, she suggests (again) that maybe its time to put the kids in school (finally).

As trained educators, we respect the expertise that professionals offer. They have deep knowledge and skills that can benefit both child and family when provided in a family-centric model.   We know that well-meaning friends and family love us and they don't want to see us feeling stressed out.  

Yet we also know that, all too often, those who could support and encourage us don't actually end up doing it!  Not being familiar with this homeschool thing themselves, they don't understand that their subtle (and sometimes not) suggestions that school would solve all our problems only leads to more discouragement.  

We get it!  We actually had to ask an early intervention teacher to stop coming to our house and take matters into our own hands because the person they sent was so openly outspoken against our Catholic faith, our large family, and our decision to homeschool! 

You don't need feel discouraged, alone, and unsure where to turn for help anymore.  

We can be the person you troubleshoot with when it seems like your curriculum isn't working or your child isn't thriving the way you expected.  

Or maybe your kid is doing great and you need some encouragement because you are stressed out beyond belief juggling all of the realities of home, school, and family. (We talk to a lot of parents and teachers, trust me you are more normal than not if this is where you are!)

We can do all that, and more.  

We know it is hard to homeschool. With all of our education and experience, we still struggle with finding the right combination of curriculum and approaches to help each of our children thrive!  

It's hard to ask for help. It's hard to admit you need help with homeschool. It's hard to admit you are overwhelmed or outside your skill set. It's even harder to do that when you are worried what the person across the desk or on the other end of the phone is going to blame homeschooling (or beliefs, or family size) rather than actually empower you with tools to help your family.

From the beginning of this blog, we have been teachers. We were teachers who were noticing that- from the parent side- this education thing wasn't working so well for us. 

Is it working for you? 

If not, skip the step where you grit your teeth and hope that other person you ask for help isn't going to come down on homeschooling too hard.

We have always wanted to work together as educators- dreaming of things like our own school or Montessori lending library.   We *talk shop* about education on date night almost as much as we talk about the kids!  For years, we have been each other's troubleshooter, sounding board, and encouragement. 

And now we do the same for other people.

Help my homeschool

Now, you might be asking....Do I really need their help?

You might not need our help if your homeschool is going well, your heart is at peace, your homeschool days are smooth, your children are growing and thriving.  If all those things are true- you are doing awesome and you don't need our help!  We celebrate that with you.

On the other hand, if things are not always going smoothly.  Here are a few ways that we can help.

Do you need encouragement that God has called you to do this?   

Do you need resources for that child who just isn't clicking with anything you do?

Are you overwhelmed by how many options you have a homeschool parent?

Are you wondering if you are doing enough?

We can help with that.

And we can do it all within the context of respecting your place as the primary educator of your children, your family's beliefs, and your vocation as a parent.  You can speak to us with full confidence that "put them in school" is never going to be our solution to your struggles.

Our goal is your confidence and clarity because those two factors will come long before and have the greatest impact on any traditional measure of success.

Homeschool with Confidence

Tim and Heidi have dozens of combined years of education experience as both teachers and homeschool parents.  Heidi has a Master's Degree in Instructional Design, and is an experienced program administrator and curriculum designer.  Tim has a Phd in Educational Psychology and works for a non-profit doing education outreach, connecting quality scientific research to classroom pedagogy.  Tim also holds an active Minnesota teaching license in Elementary Education with emphasis in Middle School Mathematics and Science and a 6-12 Elementary Certification from the American Montessori Society.  They have been homeschooling their seven children with a modified Montessori approach for more than 10 years.   Their family lives on a small homestead in Southeast Minnesota, where they actively express their Catholic faith through work, family, and rural life.