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Work & Play, Day by Day accepts books, toys, and curriculum in exchange for honest review.  Reviews are completed within 2 weeks of receipt of the item, unless otherwise arranged in advance.  Each review includes pictures of our family using the material (if applicable) and an honest opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the item based on the combined educational expertise and parental/family experiences of blog authors.   We encourage companies to consider providing an additional copy of their product to be used as a promotional give-away in conjunction with the review.

In addition to reviews, Work & Play, Day By Day has sponsorship opportunities available.  Companies with products related to blog content are preferred, although others are welcome to apply for more information.  Monthly and annual sponsors will receive an initial welcome & introduction post and advertising space in the blog sidebar.  Ad space is sold based on a 150x150 button with link.

At times we participate in associate programs. In this way, it may be possible that by clicking on links on our site we may benefit finically from your purchase.  This in no way affects our honest review of products and we hope you find the information useful even if you choose not to purchase an item for your own family.  We currently participate in the Amazon Associates program, the Kitchen Stewardship Affiliate Program, We Choose Virtue Affiliate, and Google AdSense.   If you ever find that the automatically generated AdSense or Amazon content is to your distaste, please let me know immediately at the email address listed below.

For more questions, rates, or more information, contact Heidi at