Our Farm

Welcome to Euphrosyne Corner!

Euphrosyne Corner is an 8 acre diversified family homestead in southeast Minnesota with dreams of growing into a sustainable farming operation.  Euphrosyne is an ancient Greek word meaning joy.  Our farm is one of the ways that we move towards and live joy as a family.

Newly established in 2018, our farm is growing and changing almost every week- much work has been done and much work is to come! Products will become available as we refine our methods to produce food that we are proud to serve our family and know that you can safely and joyfully feed yours.

Why Farming?

We believe feeding our children shouldn't be complicated.  A variety of whole foods in as close to their natural state is the La Leche League tag line approach adopted in our early parenting years.  While we have always been what you would describe as urban homesteaders- taking care of ourselves, preserving our bounty, and sharing with friends- a severe food allergy known as FPIES led us to discover even more clearly just how complex and far from a natural state our food supply- especially the basics- is.  We lamented the harsh reality that what we see is not always what we get when it comes to food.

As we met other families struggling to feed their families, we learned that our experience is not unique.    Variations in the way farms feed and care for their animals, store their food, and more all affect the allergenic nature of the food for those with severe sensitivities like our son has.   Adding processing techniques, the places for cross-contamination are endless and few employees were willing or able to answer questions to our satisfaction.  Many of the foods marketed to help our children are actually harming them.  Feeding a family has become complicated and stressful for many families other than ours.

Deep in our hearts, we believe that food can and should be grown simply and joyfully.  We also know that not every family has the resources to do so and many are desperate for an alternative.  Our deepest desire is to provide that option for our family and yours.  We can't possibly anticipate and meet every need, but we want our customers to walk away with the full confidence and understanding that what we have grown is safe for them to eat or the knowledge that it isn't.  When we can't provide the food, we want to empower and support customers in creatively meeting their needs whenever possible.

Currently Available

Farm-Fresh Eggs
We currently have a limited number of eggs available from our mixed breed flock.  In addition to a commercially blended chicken crumble, our chickens are allowed time to free range each day for plenty of much loved bugs and scraps from the compost pile!  Our flock is growing and additional eggs will be available soon.  Contact for information on reserving.  $4/dozen

Herbal Heights
One of our goals in sustainable living is to encourage our children in enterprises of their own.  Herbal Heights is Kylee's business project selling her herbal creations and crafts.  You can learn more here.

Coming Soon

Our goal is not to become a market farm, however, we will have garden surplus available throughout the growing months.

As joy is our mission, we believe beauty is important to both body and soul.  Nothing brings joy like an arrangement of fresh flowers and will have bouquets available on-farm during summer months.

Maple Syrup
In 2018, we did a test run of equipment and worked out a few bugs.  This year's harvest has been laid aside for our own needs and as thank you gifts for our family and friends who helped with our transition to the farm, but in future years we should have plenty for sharing with customers.

We are currently researching other livestock options for a more diversified offering.  Know that we won't sell you any food that we don't feel 100% confident feeding ourselves!  To be informed of new products as they are available, please join our farm e-mail list.*

*This farm email list is separate from the blog list, to better serve our local customers.  Thank you!