How to Homeschool Through {Just About} Anything Part Five

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After I was admitted to the hospital from the emergency room with our daughter Siena, Tim took all of the kids to Perkins at 4:00 in the morning for all you can eat pancakes.  Every time we have pancakes to eat or drive by a Perkins, someone will pipe up, “Remember when….”  They may not remember the details of their sister’s short life, but even the youngest children know about the pancakes and every time someone remembers the pancakes, mom and dad remember Siena.

As a family, we have told the story of the night of our house fire many times to the younger children who weren’t born yet.  We also have some things around the house that have visible fire damage that we kept.  For my older children this is a story of survival that they are characters in, which makes it that much more exciting and meaningful.  For my younger children, the story tells them that our family works together when things need to get done and that people are more important than things. 
There will be memories in your life and in your child's life that are sad and will stay sad.  The character of your family is being built and defined during this time, however, and the memories that you are able to create will give you something positive to look back on as well.  Memories also help your children remember that you stuck together as a family during this hard period.

Ideas for Making Memories

Take an updated family portrait
Share a special meal
Make a scrapbook or memory box
Keep a journal- you never know what story might become a family legend
Make a family piece of artwork
Do something messy-kids always remember messes

Plant something
Create a ritual

Traveling through hard times is a long and sometimes lonely path.  While it can not always be an enjoyable one, making memories is a way to ensure that it is a path your family is traveling together arm in arm, one step at a time, doing the best you can with that you have.  

What memories have you made with your family during a tough period?  I'd love to hear them in the comments or on social media!

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